"My ear problem has been clear since....awesome ability to heal!"

      Quartz crystal works in many ways to support the body natural healing ability. Our body has a natural affinity for crystal; our blood, bones and DNA are crystalline in structure therefore the sounds resonate deep within us. 

      The body is a perfect sound resonator because it is mostly water. The vibrations of the quartz crystal singing bowls create sacred geometric patterns in our body that are found throughout nature.  Hans Jenny through his work with cymatics demonstrated how sound vibration creates these patterns.  

      Quartz crystal Singing Bowls hold the vibration of white light and when played, like a prism, refracts out the colors of the rainbow acting directly on the body's energy centers called chakras.  

      The Universal Principle of Entrainment states when two similar frequencies come in contact with each other the weaker frequency will strengthen to the stronger one. 

Through research we know our body emits energy. We are energy. The frequencies of the quartz crystal entrain with the bodies’ energy strengthening, balancing and releasing blocks. 

      Quartz crystal singing bowls create binaural beats that entrain the brain into the delta state, our deepest relaxation state. The delta state accesses our unconscious mind.  In this state healing and pain relief take place, reduction in cortisol and increase of DHEA occur.

       In Energy Medicine, quartz crystal is considered the master healer and works with intention. It contains the properties of piezoelectricity and has the ability to transfer, transmute, transform and store energy.  

      Research shows that sound can have a positive effect on the autonomic nervous system, endocrine and immune system. Most of us live these days in a state of "Fight or Flight." 

      The harmonious overtones of the quartz crystal singing bowls bathe us in a sound bath and send us into a deeply relaxed state shifting us out of fight or flight and into the relaxed and renewed state and it is in this relaxed state we support the bodies’ natural healing ability.