Maria my long time friend prepared an amazing session for me. 

The session was a combination of Reiki and Sound healing. 

My intention for this session: to learn how to improve focus and be present even in moments of stress so I can take in and feel every experience.

In the beginning she placed her hands on my head and I felt my mind start to settle in and my racing thoughts began to slow.

She cleared each chakra starting crown chakra and moved to third eye all the way through the rest of the chakras with vibrating tuning forks
I totally felt myself come to full alignment. 

It was the first time I felt my energy shift. 

The singing bowls were placed on my body and the vibrational sounds began. 

It was so soothing that I found myself falling deeper into relaxation and at some points I woke myself up. Laying face down on the treatment table she began to take the tuning forks along the spine. 

My spine continued to feel the vibrations even after she removed the tuning forks from touching me. 

The energy was vibrating at such a high frequency I couldn’t help but smile.

Not only did my intentions come through but so much more.

I’ll be experiencing the benefits throughout the day and I intend to take them all in. 

I recommend this therapy for everyone as I feel my mind cleared.  I feel grounded, aligned and peaceful.

Thank you Maria 

Jenny Falter Souto

Patchogue, NY

I just had a wonderful experience at Maria J. Maier's healing home. She used Tibetan Tones Sound to move me into a deeply relaxed state. The metal bowls were placed directly on my body, where I recently had a surgery. I feel much better now after our session than I had when I walked in. . She's located in East Hampton. She works individually or in small groups. Contact her-you won't be sorry! 

Jesse Van Bergan

New York, NY 

Just had a  Tibetan tone Sound Session. It was an amazing experience. Thank you  Maria Maier You are truly a gifted healer

Karen Eckhart

East Hampton, NY 

It's week since our last session. Remember the burning sensation I experienced? My ear problem has been clear since...awesome ability to heal! Thank you! Xoxoxo 

Derek Minster 

Huntington, NY