Tibetan Tones Sound Session

"I Totally felt myself come into alignment. It was the first time 

I felt my energy shift"

      Tibetan Tones Sound session will take you into a deeply relaxed state. The metal bowls are placed directly on the body or placed near the body. 

      The bowls are hand hammered in India and Nepal, taking 30 hours to create. Each bowl is weighed at the rim and the bottom for 

sustained vibrations and the bowls span the sound spectrum. 


Benefits may include improved sleep, deep muscle relaxation and mental clarity, increased harmonious functioning of cells, tissues and organs, relief of tension and blockages, release of toxins from the body, letting go of present or past negative patterns, release of mental and emotional pains: low self-esteem, worries, fears, anxiety and depression and Increase in self-confidence 

as well as creative and productive potential.