Restorative Yoga & Crystal Singing Bowls

"Hi Maria, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed last night's class - it was the perfect combination of singing bowls with the restorative and all the little touches - essential oils, hot stones - I still feel relaxed today, the most relaxed I've been in weeks with such a crazy schedule at the moment. It was definitely worth the drive!  I hope to make it again next month. Thanks again!"

Simone Martell 

Carl Place, NY 

In restorative yoga the focus is on relaxing, gentle stretching and breathing deeply into each yoga pose for a longer period of time. Each pose is supported by blankets, blocks and bolsters and there are fewer changes with a gentle flow between each pose. The accompaniment of the sounds of the crystal singing bowls takes you even deeper into a relaxed state. The quartz crystal singng bowls entrain with your bodys' energy centers strenthening, balancing and unblocking your chakras.  More like meditation this is truly restorative for the body, mind and spirit